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Integrative Pelvic Health® session

Relax into your true Feminine Self


Let yourself be guided through practises that will help you recognise and feel hidden structures of your Pelvis.

Connect with the language of your body and your intuition through a dream journey, shamanic style meditation.

Discover and experience the sacred anatomy of your Pelvis and move consciously into the Feminine Wisdom with Love, creating a safe space for it to unfold.

Full Moon Gathering of Women

Connect with your sisters under the Full Moon


Come together in a circle of women and nourish Your Heart with this sacred connection. 

Release the Old that does not serve you, connect with the hidden structures of your Body, your deep Intuition and experience a guided meditation focusing on your intention of what you want to bring to Life in the next moon cycle.

Relax into the present moment and experience the potency when women sit together and dream.

Package of 4 Integrative Pelvic Health® sessions

Dive deeper into your Feminine Self


Experience the profound transformation of 4 consecutive weekly scheduled sessions that will take You on a journey into Your Deep Feminine Self.

These sessions are waved together based on your individual needs, so you can benefit from the practises as much as possible. 

Release, what is asking to be released.

Heal, what is asking to be healed. 

And love, what is asking to be loved.