Joyous Body is a month-long journey deep into your pelvic bowl. Together, we will be awakening pelvic floor/wall muscles, relieving stored stress, tension and trauma and we will be unlocking the full potential of Joy and Pleasure experienced in your Body.

Through subtle yet powerful pelvic movement practices, we will experience our pelvic muscles and we will learn the language of the Body as well as how to listen to stored messages that are calling for Love and attention.

With guided meditation we will visit the subconscious realms carrying memories and beliefs of what it means to be a Woman. Releasing all that does not serve us, re-connecting to our true vibrant Self.

Joyous Body is a journey of transformation teaching us to slow down, to listen, to love and nurture ourselves. Slowly, we will shed stored memories and trauma, restore vibrancy in our pelvic bowl and open our Hearts to Joy and Pleasure.

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The first spiral opens the pleasure of the present moment.
Taking off the pressure - physical and emotional - and creating space for Life to move through us with ease. Inviting Joy to fill our Body and tending the places within our psyche that need to be loved and nurtured.
We will start experiencing the anatomy of our superficial pelvic muscles and awakening the hidden structures of our Body. The dream journey will take us deeper into our wild feminine self and we will open ourselves fully to the flow of Life.

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The second spiral activates our pleasure sensations and opens us to deeper healing. 
Awakening the sexual energy and drawing it into the pelvic bowl enlivens all the hidden structures that lied dormant for a long time.
This week we will experience more of our superficial pelvic muscles and start moving deeper into our pelvic bowl. We will also be travelling into the dream time to restore our sensuality and creativity and free ourselves from stored memories or beliefs.

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The third spiral takes us deep into our sexual experience. 
Releasing old imprints and stored trauma, making space for new experiences. Opening ourselves fully to our own sexual essence, welcoming our power with acceptance and an opened heart. 
We will be touching the deep muscles of the pelvic bowl - the very core of our feminine experience. Slowly awakening the deep sensations of pleasure and tending the numb, wounded or tender places in our pelvic bowl.  The dream journey will be healing and rebirthing our sexual experience and freeing our sexual expression.

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The fourth spiral strengthens the connection between the Womb and the Heart.
As we clear and nurture our pelvic centre, it is also time to connect with our heart and let us lovingly express our dreams and desires. 
In the last week we will experience embodiment practices that connect our sacral centre with the heart centre and we will learn how to draw our pleasure sensations deep into our heart and out into the world. In the dreamtime, we will be expanding our hearth and breathing life into our dreams.


Opening day
... coming soon ...


Thank you so much Alaya, this was very powerful and nourishing. Your voice and grounded presence really helped me stay calm and present in my experience. I Love this journey and I’m so grateful for all of you. 🙏🏻

Celine Menasse