What is Integrative Pelvic Health® method?

Integrative Pelvic Health® method is an integration of spiritual and anatomy based practises for radiant and sustainable health. In its core lies well researched anatomy of the female pelvis and thoughtful exercises awakening deep hidden structures of the body. Exercises are combined with a spiritual meditative realm that allows the Spirit to awaken the long forgotten knowledge and memories, bringing them forward to be healed and cherished. As it is that through her body woman's power awakens.

What happens in the session?

When you book a session with me, you also fill in a detailed questionnaire that allows me to get to know your story, aspirations and challenges before we start.

The session starts with sharing about why you decided to do a session with me and about what you have mentioned in the questionnaire.

After that we experience practices that connect us deeply with the pelvic bones or muscles. The choice of exercises and the area of the pelvis we work with is chosen based on your needs at that time.

When we moved and felt the physical, it is time to dive into the spiritual realm. I will guide you through a dream journey, shamanic style meditation, that will open the doors for your intuition and feeling to show you what is hidden in your body's cells.

We will wrap up the session with integration and sharing of what you have experienced. It is recommended to have a little notebook and pen nearby if you wish to take notes of what your body showed you.

Any future session will expand on the first session and will take us deeper into your experience as a Woman.

Who is the session suited for?

With this practice you get to know yourself as a Woman on a very intimate level. Experiencing deep layers of bones and muscles of your pelvis awakens a strong sense of Self. You will root Your Self unmistakably in Your Power and Your Essence, knowing Your Origin. These practises are especially helpful if you are a:
🌺Woman wanting to awaken the full potential of her bliss and pleasure sensations.
🌺Woman wishing to experience a stronger connection to her body.
🌺Woman experiencing any challenges in her pelvic area (painful menstruation, painful intercourse, hypertension, hypotension, prolapse, etc.)
🌺Woman wanting to experience an empowered Birth (IPH® sessions can be a part of birth preparation)
🌺Woman postpartum wanting to deepen her Intuition and stability.

Do I need to have experience with holistic healing or meditation?

Not at all. 🤍 The session is very well structured and guided and it meets you where you are at the present moment. Exercises are very slow paced and well explained, as well as the meditation is thoughtfully guided, so you can enjoy the bliss and relax.

What are the benefits of Integrative Pelvic Health® experience?

There are many changes taking place when a Woman awakens her pelvis. It is a very individual experience, yet some of the benefits are:
🌺Profound healing and transformation of the physical, emotional and spiritual realm.
🌺Awakening of Sexual energy and increased bodily bliss.
🌺Enhanced  creativity and Trust in Self.
🌺Deeper sense of being rooted in our own Life experience.
🌺Support of fertility and menstrual health.
🌺Healthy sense of boundaries and self-expression.
🌺Feeling connected to our own Power and feeling strong agency over our own Body knowing ourselves from inside out.