Welcome to the World of your Body's Wisdom


What is Intuitive Womb Healing

Intuitive Womb Healing is a journey into your deeper Feminine Self. Through specific movements of your pelvis, your bones and muscles, and a guided meditation, we will be diving into layer after layer of information stored in your Body. Releasing what does not serve you and discovering who you are at this very moment.

This work shows you one of many ways how to deeply connect with your Self, your Power, your Essence and your Truth.

Your beautiful female body is highly spiritual and holds the key to unyielding intuition and deep wisdom. I am here to guide you through to the opening, so you can see and feel what lies inside.

Together, we will discover the sacred anatomy of your pelvis. We will experience how to connect with the deeper layers of your pelvic bowl through conscious movement. And we will wrap up this connection with a guided meditation that will allow your consciousness to read what is written deep in your body’s cells.

My goal for you is to fully inhabit your Body, to connect with your power and wisdom and perceive your Life experience from the safety of this connection.

Approach of the session is based on Integrative Pelvic Health® studies as well as years of personal experience and healing.